Boys' women inherited the courage and steadfastness of their grandmothers

"Dahomey Warriors"...An army of female warriors that struck terror into the hearts of enemies

  • The story of "Dahomey Warriors" excites all visitors to the pavilion.

    Photography: Eric Arrasas


The state of Benin is the cradle of the “Voodoo and Orisha” religion, and it is also the land of the “Dahomey Warriors”, who represent an exceptional case in history, and receive visitors to the Benin Pavilion at “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which is an exceptional reception by all standards, as the African country, with a unique personality, chose A model of women who changed the world's conviction about women's courage, bravery, and ability to face difficulties.

The story of the "Amazons" or "Dahomey Warriors" arouses the interest of all visitors to the pavilion, and the story tells that in the "former" kingdom of Dahomey, currently Benin, an army of daring female warriors was formed during the 18th century, and they succeeded in changing people's stereotyped image of women, as they proved their ability On harsh training, war and hand-to-hand combat, to the point of terrorizing the enemies.

These fighters were called "Mino" or "our mothers" in the Beninian language, then settlers later called them "Amazons", and then they gained wide fame, to the extent that they were given the title "Nobles" in the 19th century, by King "Gizou", who ascended To the throne, he formed a squad of elite female warriors to protect his personal safety.

The relationship of the king with his warriors was strengthened, so he trusted them blindly, and in turn enjoyed a sacred place for them, and their motto was either victory or death for him.

The Amazons were subjected to different and harsh training in fighting and dealing with all weapons, to the extent that they were psychologically prepared to endure pain, so they had no mercy on the enemies, and people feared and respected them, until they reached a semi-sacred position.

According to the Benin wing, the "Amazonian battalions" consisted of 4000 to 5000 female warriors, i.e. one third of the army of the "Kingdom of Dahomey", when it faced the French invasion, and took over the defense of the palace on the one hand, and assumed the vanguard of the regular army on the other.

The experience of "Dahomey Warriors" presents a completely different aspect of a woman's personality, which is the ability to take on all tasks, even the most cruel and dangerous. Arm them with long, sharp machetes.

As for the most terrifying group, they are the “Hunters” group, and they represent the elite and most powerful warriors, and they are extremely cruel and have the ability to incite fear in the hearts of enemies, but after a difficult fight, the French army, thanks to the modernity of its equipment, was able to overcome them, to announce the end of the “Amazonian Brigades”. and the fall of the Kingdom of Dahomey.

The pavilion reveals that the women of Benin have inherited many characteristics from the Dahomey fighters, as they participate in all the economic and social activities of the country, and spare no effort in meeting the needs of their families and communities.

In addition to the Dahomey Amazons experience, the Boys Pavilion provides an opportunity to view unique models from the Al Bilad National Museum, presenting impressive wood carvings, which attracted the attention of all visitors, and reflect the passion of the people of this country for authentic art.

• The pavilion dazzles visitors with a collection of Benin National Museum sculptures and paintings.