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November 28, 2021 In Italy there are 45,610,089 people who have completed the anti-Covid vaccination cycle and 47,124,390 who have carried out at least one dose, while the third doses are 5,791,668. This is what emerges from the data provided by the Ministry of Health according to which the administrations carried out since the beginning of the campaign amounted to 95,412,569.

"In the last 30 days in Italy there is a higher incidence of diagnosed cases in the unvaccinated population. Six months after the vaccination cycle, the effectiveness in preventing any symptomatic or asymptomatic diagnosis of Covid-19 falls from 72% to 40% compared to not vaccinated ". This is what the ISS notes in its extended report, explaining that "vaccination efficacy in preventing cases of severe disease remains high, as the efficacy for vaccinated people with a complete cycle for less than six months is equal to 91% compared to to the unvaccinated, while it is equal to 81% for the vaccinated with a complete cycle for over six months compared to the unvaccinated ".

"After 6 months from the completion of the vaccination cycle, a strong decrease in vaccination efficacy in preventing diagnoses is observed in all age groups. In general, on the whole population, vaccination efficacy passes from 72.5% in full course vaccinated within six months compared to unvaccinated, 40.1% in full course vaccinated for over six months compared to unvaccinated. In the case of severe disease, the difference between full course vaccinated over and under in fact, a decrease in vaccination efficacy of about 10 percentage points is observed, since the efficacy for vaccinated with a complete cycle for less than six months is equal to 91.6%, while it is equal to 80.9% for those vaccinated with a full course for more than six months,compared to the unvaccinated ", adds the ISS.