A third person is reported to have died in the storm Arwen in the UK.

A 35-year-old man was killed when his car was hit by a falling tree in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, reports the BBC.

A man was similarly killed in Northern Ireland's Antrim and one in Cumbria in northwestern England.

Wind gusts of over 40 seconds have been measured in the north of England and the storm has caused many problems in traffic with closed roads, canceled trains and ferries as well as trucks that were stuck.

Passengers on a train were stuck for 17 hours in Aberdeenshire when Arwen swept across Scotland.

Still cold

The winds have started to calm down during Saturday morning.

However, the Met Office warns of difficult conditions with slipperiness in parts of England and Scotland from Saturday afternoon until 11 o'clock on Sunday, and advises against travel that is not absolutely necessary.

Low temperatures are expected to persist in large parts of the country until Monday afternoon, and authorities are urging people to look to elderly neighbors and relatives, especially those living alone or having serious illnesses, writes the BBC.