Odense, Ringsted and Aabenraa are three Danish municipalities that currently have light shows by the same company that has the show in Malmö.

Odense pays the most, where it costs a total of SEK 414,000 for the company MK Illumination AB to use the Kongens Have park in central Odense from 12 November to 19 December this year.

- It is the usual rate for renting public land from the municipality, says Morten Vilsbaek, press officer in Odense.

In the municipality of Ringsted with about 20,000 inhabitants, the light show takes place from 19 November to 23 December in the park Lystanlägget.

The municipality sends an invoice corresponding to approximately 112,000 Swedish kronor to rent the park.

In Aabenraa with 16,000 inhabitants, the municipality has decided to charge the company the equivalent of 685 Swedish kronor per day.

New routines from the turn of the year

In Malmö, on the other hand, it is free for the company to block off parts of Slottsparken for more than two months.

- From the turn of the year, politicians will decide this.

It should not be possible for civil servants to make decisions about fees for public places, but it must be up to the politicians.

If we in the technical committee had made a decision about this, then perhaps it would not have been free of charge for this company, says Andreas Schönström (S), chairman of the technical committee in Malmö.

The criticism of the light show in Malmö has also been about parts of Slottparken being closed to the public for almost three winter months and that entrance prices are considered expensive.