According to Taiwan, 27 aircraft from China penetrated the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of the island nation.

As the Ministry of Defense in Taipei announced on Sunday, five nuclear-capable H-6 bombers were among the aircraft.

The air defense zone unilaterally defined by Taiwan, in which aircraft are supposed to identify themselves, extends far beyond Taiwan's airspace and includes parts of mainland China.

For weeks, China has been sending planes into the zone without giving any official statements about its actions.

In October there were almost 100 aircraft within a few days.

Beijing views democratic Taiwan, which split off from the mainland in 1949, as a breakaway province rather than an independent state.

In addition, the People's Republic of China rejects any form of formal relations between other countries and the island republic.

Taiwan, however, declares that it is an independent state and will defend freedom and democracy.

The United States is one of Taiwan's most important supporters.