The Association of Families of Scorpion Prison Detainees in Egypt said that the death of the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the former parliamentarian, Hamdi Hassan, in his detention in the Scorpion Prison in Cairo, two days ago, shocked the families, and called for the fulfillment of 7 demands.

The association said - in a statement on its Facebook page - that Dr. Hamdi Hassan was not the first victim of the Scorpion prison violations, and that if these violations continue, he will not be the last victim.

The association demanded the fulfillment of 7 demands to reduce the burden on prisoners, namely the right to visit and daily exercise, study, access to books and papers, food from families, the right to send and receive messages, the right to receive the necessary medical care, and access to appropriate blankets and clothing.

The association said - in its statement - "We, the families of the detainees in Scorpion Prison, received the news of the death of Dr. Hamdi Hassan, with shock, pain, sadness, oppression, anger and severe disability, after an 8-year detention, during which he had not seen his family for 5 years."

And the association continued, "5 years of a complete ban, even from knowing family news, from a graduation, marriage, or a new grandson bearing his name, as well as seeing him."

The statement added, "Have we reached the point where we demand to visit them only from behind a glass barrier for a few minutes, after we were asking for their freedom? Have we reached the point of asking for their survival instead of demanding their freedom?"