The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan announced on the 28th that a total of 27 Chinese military aircraft have entered the air defense identification zone set by Taiwan.

A new tanker aircraft has also been identified for the first time, and experts point out that the range of operations of Chinese military aircraft may expand significantly in the future, and the pressure on Taiwan's air defense may increase significantly.

According to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan, a total of 27 aircraft, including Chinese fighter planes and bombers, entered the air defense identification zone set off the southwest coast of Taiwan on the 28th.

More than half of them passed over the Bassie Strait with the Philippines, went around to the southeastern offshore of Taiwan, and then turned back almost the same route toward the Chinese side, which is a new type of aerial refueling aircraft. One "refueling 20" was also included.

It is believed that this is the first time that the Ministry of National Defense has confirmed that "Fuyu 20" has entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone.

According to an analysis released in April by a researcher at the Ministry of Defense think tank, "Oil Transport 20", the amount of refueling that can be refueled has tripled compared to the conventional main refueling machine of the Chinese military, and in the future, China This means that the operational range of military aircraft will be greatly expanded.

In addition, Taiwan's major media said, "If a large number of'Yuyu 20'are commissioned in the future, the Chinese Air Force will become a genuine'expeditionary air force'," said Mr. Hochu, an expert familiar with the trends of the Chinese army. More frequent training off the south and southeast of China could significantly increase pressure on Taiwan's air defense. "