▲ Joo Hyun-geon escapes from prison

A North Korean defector who escaped from a Chinese prison was arrested after 41 days.

The Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau announced on the morning of the 28th that they arrested a 39-year-old prisoner Joo Hyeon-geon in Jilin City.

It was around 6 pm on the 18th of last month that Joo, who was imprisoned in Jilin Prison, escaped outside the prison fence.

Prison closed-circuit TV showed him climbing over a temporary building in the prison and jumping over the fence to escape.

The Chinese authorities immediately revealed what he was wearing and wanted him, while also offering a bounty of 150,000 yuan (about 27 million won).

However, after missing for over a month, the bounty was raised to 700,000 yuan (about 130 million won).

After smuggled into China in July 2013, Zhu robbed a private house in Tumen, Jilin Province, the border region, on several occasions, stabbing a resident in the process and seriously injuring them.

A Chinese court sentenced him to 11 years and 3 months in prison and a fine of 16,000 yuan.

The court was due to deport him to North Korea as soon as the sentence was completed.

(Photo = Jimu video capture, Yonhap News)