The founder of a large Hong Kong franchise was drunk and kept his word.

It was a promise to support vacation expenses for 250 employees who could not go home due to COVID-19.

According to foreign media reports such as CNN on the 26th local time, Said Asim Husain and Christopher Mark, founders of the large Hong Kong franchise 'Black Sheep Restaurants', paid a total of $650,000 (about 773 million) for vacation pay for 250 employees. won) was paid.

The restaurant staff could not go to their home country due to movement restrictions and financial reasons after Corona 19, and Mr. Husain, who learned of this situation, provided airfare, Corona 19 test cost, self-isolation cost, etc. for the employees.

Hong Kong's current quarantine regulations require overseas travelers who have completed vaccinations to be quarantined at government-approved hotels.

In response, Mr. Husain said that he would help the staff with the cost of staying at the hotel, and that food to eat at the hotel during quarantine will also be delivered from the restaurant.

He added that the quarantine period will be treated as unpaid leave.

Regarding this, Mr. Husain said, "These words were uttered unintentionally while drunk, but I thought it was a corporate social responsibility and pushed forward until the end. There was opposition from the officials, but I was convinced that it was the right thing to do."

He also conveyed his wish, "Although large corporations and famous brands are often viewed as vicious images, I hope that I can use this opportunity to influence society for good."

Mr. Husain's decision allows employees to travel from Hong Kong to their home countries, including Nepal, Argentina, Nigeria, France, South Africa and Australia.

A British employee who couldn't go home for 27 months said, "I couldn't predict even an inch ahead because of the corona, so I lived saving money." "Thanks to the company, I was finally able to see my parents. He said thank you.

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(Photo=CNN homepage capture, 'Black Sheep Restaurants' Facebook)