Hookup + On November 26, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the closing ceremony of the China-Russia Year of Science and Technology Innovation, applauding the cooperation results achieved by the two countries in epidemic prevention and control, aerospace, nuclear energy, and digital economy over the past year.

  On the occasion of the opening of the China-Russia Year of Science and Technology Innovation in August 2020, President Xi also sent a congratulatory letter.

The two congratulatory letters show that President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the Sino-Russian Year of Science and Technology Innovation as a transnational event.

  China and Russia are each other's largest neighbors and are both responsible world powers and influential science and technology powers. Deepening scientific and technological innovation cooperation is not only of great significance to the development of bilateral relations, but also set a model for international cooperation.

  On the occasion of the closing of the national year with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation" held for the first time between the two countries, the CCTV Network "Lianbo+" specially sorted out the two congratulatory letters from President Xi and related content of China-Russia scientific and technological cooperation, and learnt with you.

  (CCTV Network of China Central Radio and Television)