High viral load in Omicron patients in Hong Kong

It was reported that the two new cases of the new Omicron strain of coronavirus in Hong Kong carry a high viral burden, which has raised concerns about the effectiveness of current vaccines against the new variant.

Both people underwent PCR tests.

which showed cycle threshold values ​​to range from 18 out of 19.

"Viral load of these two people, with Omicron strain, in Hong Kong hotels is very high," epidemiologist Eric Weigl-Ding tweeted. on BCR tests recently.

Hong Kong authorities said a South African traveler who brought the new strain to the area had been quarantined in a hotel room since arriving on November 11.

However, the virus was only detected after the man underwent a PCR test.

Second on November 13.

The authorities believe that the 36-year-old South African can transmit the virus to the other person (62 years old), who was staying in the room opposite him, even though they were in strict isolation.

And the latter’s result was positive for the new strain of the virus in the fourth test from the BCR.

On November 18.

Hong Kong officials said the South African may have transmitted his infection when he opened his door to receive his meals.

It was reported that the two people had received a full vaccination against the Corona virus.

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