Burkina Faso: the government explains to the deputies on the security situation

The National Assembly of Burkina Faso in 2013 (Illustrative image).

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In Burkina Faso, the government was called on Friday November 26 to explain itself to the deputies on the deterioration of the security situation.

Defense and Homeland Security ministers answered MPs' questions for more than six hours.


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With our correspondent in Ouagadougou,

Yaya Boudani

Dysfunction within the security apparatus, equipment of the fighting forces and support for soldiers on the ground: all the subjects were tackled without taboos.

For the Burkinabè deputies, it was a question of better understanding the actions implemented and their effectiveness.

As recognized by the Minister of Defense himself, Burkina Faso is going through the most difficult times in its history.

Terrorism is gaining ground and several regions are threatened.

This situation worries the Burkinabè deputies.

Terrorism is advancing.

It is almost less than a hundred kilometers from our capital.

These are now quick and efficient solutions.

What is the current state of cooperation with certain countries, such as France


», Asks a first elected.


What are the real difficulties encountered in the defense of the territory


 », Continues one of his colleagues.


What is preventing the State from diversifying partners? 

»Asks a deputy.

New air capabilities

General Aimé Barthélémy Simporé said he understood the anger of the populations and assured that changes are underway in the fight strategy. Acquisition of resources, training, diversification of partnerships, several actions are underway according to the Minister of Defense.


There are complicity in our societies.

If we manage to reduce local complicity, I tell you, the action of the FDS [Defense and Security Forces] will be all the more effective.

You spoke of air capabilities, we are strengthening them,

assures the minister.

Soon, moreover, we will present new acquisitions in the field of aerial tools.

We therefore have several partners - more than ten - who offer operational cooperation, whether in Africa, whether in Europe, America, etc.


As part of the prevention of violent extremism, the Minister of Defense announces the creation of a de-radicalization and reintegration center.

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