Consumers plan on Gran Vía. At 12 in the morning part of the supposedly active population spends Friday shopping. It is the morning off for the bank employees, the kids who play the rat and the tourists, who glide down the stream of Fuencarral, Callao and Sol.

In all the windows there are references to discounts for Black Friday

, black signs making contrast colors every day, except in the basilica blue neons rounding the




. Escalators feed people to Primark, no discounts on discount day.

"We have them all year long,"

clarifies Sara, one of the


who accesses the staff room located on the top floor.

"Today there is nothing special. We do not discount more than there is already."

At 11 o'clock the manual tachographs counting buyers are reset.

A female jury guard presses the button.


A and 25 have already entered "819 people, plus 300 and something that they have caught downstairs, do the math


" he

smiles with his eyes.

Roberto is a tourist. It comes from Mexico. He is 50 years old. He's lining up at the changing rooms. "I'm waiting for my wife," he confirms. "Black Friday was two weeks ago in Mexico.

I didn't take advantage of it and today I'm going to try it



A few bags are climbing up her arms, maybe it's a coat and maybe a scarf that is about to hit the ground.

"We are not attentive to whether there are more discounts or not."

Beside him, two other gentlemen stand guard, resignedly observing the curtains that do not move.

Slmen, from Pakistan, has come from Toledo with two friends.

He takes a picture of one of them under the

Welcome to Primark Gran Vía


that welcomes this brimming with the affordable.

"We have bought for ourselves," he notes.

They carry paper bags fattened by clothes.

In fact, a lot of clothes are sensed.

They do not want to say how much they have spent: "There are not so many discounts."

"They create the need for you"

Despite the phantom deals, Primark continues to rally all the potential and consummate customers of the day.

A member of Doctors around the world, Elena, tries to make a partner.

"You are the first to stop. People are very unfriendly."

Further down, in the Zara store, there is an atmosphere that will be seen on televisions.

Crowded people, queues, rush of the clerks, high demand for testers, in short, the


of the sales, the nervousness caused by the intention to spend and these early Christmases, the hustle and bustle that warms the hands.

Maria attends the door.

You have to sense the smile with which he greets customers.

"There were people queuing from 9 in the morning.

We have opened at 10. Here in Gran Vía we always have an audience but today more people come. It is special. It is a day made to buy. They create the need for you," he admits.

"Cool things are not discounted



Sofía, 20, is holding a jean and another garment.

"I have spent 60 euros. It is a whim. I have also taken the opportunity to make a gift. If you are looking, you will find, but there is much to look for," he says before continuing to move towards the box.

15,000 euros of cash in Rayban

Behind the hangers is Saul's wife.

He is Colombian, 34 years old and carries coats, a bag, and "patience."

Black Friday "is a




See how this is at 12 in the morning. There will be more people in the afternoon



At Zara she is looking for "a jacket for me. She is looking to see if she can find offers. We have only come to make this one-time purchase."

Darío realizes that they have been making discounts at the Rayban store for a week.

They end this Friday.

"We have made an average of 7,000 or 8,000 euros per day in the box.

Some days we have reached 15,000"


On Fuencarral street, before the bustle, three friends were coming down.

"We are going to buy online and physically,"

explain two of them, Elena and Paula, 18 years old.

Paula confesses to having spent 80 euros.

Elena, 20. "We have just started.

We also want to buy flights. We want to go to Paris in February."

Juan, 54, has come with his wife to spend a few days in Madrid from Mallorca.

"Before we used to go to Barcelona a lot more. Lately we are liking Madrid more."

It's on the street at the Springfield gate.

"She is looking inside. We are not going to spend much," he wants to convince himself.

He quickly realizes that it will be difficult.


Well, whatever comes up, but not for Black Friday, really."

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