November 26, 2021 The incredible story brings to mind Tarantino's film, but unfortunately in this specific case the tragedy ends in the paradoxical. To find the solution, there is no Mister Wolf ready to "solve problems", but a policeman from Newark who has run over and killed a pedestrian, only to take him home and argue with his mother.

Louis Santiago was arrested along with his mother and the person traveling with him on the night of the fatal accident. The story has surreal contours for the dynamic and for its protagonist: a young policeman from the Newark, New Jersey department, the son of an officer from the same district. On the night of November 1, on board a Honda Accord, while traveling home, Santiago overwhelmed and killed a 29-year-old nurse, Damian Dymka.

After the impact neither Santiago nor his friend, Albert Guzman, both 25, called for help to help the victim. The two first left and then returned after a few minutes to check the situation. There, following the logic of the criminals, they would have decided to "hide" the body, loading it into the car. Santiago headed home, woke up his mother, Annette Santiago, 53, and began arguing with her about the best situation to get out of trouble.

The coast of New Jersey is often used by the mafia to get rid of the bodies, but the investigation did not reveal any details on what the policeman's plan was.

The development of the story, which was reminiscent of the famous film 'Pulp Fiction', emerged only because the father decided to be a policeman and called the emergency number, '911', effectively leading to the arrest of his son.

When the police arrived home, they found Dymka's body placed in the back seat of the Honda.

The young agent, his mother and his friend were arrested and then released on parole, pending trial.