Read here from 19.00 pm with the press conference of the outgoing cabinet about the new corona measures.

Watch the press conference live here.

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Rutte: "In recent weeks I regularly think back to a year ago, December 2020. Then the Netherlands was locked, in lockdown. Even then we had higher and higher infection rates and the number of corona patients in hospitals grew. Even then we heard increasingly loud cries for help. The big difference with last year is that most of us have now been vaccinated and are 25 times less likely to end up in intensive care. To anyone who is in doubt, I say: get that shot and protect yourself and the people around you."

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There are outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge (Public Health), the press conference is about to start.

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The municipality of The Hague is taking measures to prevent demonstrations around the press conference from getting out of hand this evening.

An emergency order is in effect in the city center.

An emergency order is in force in the center of The Hague - within the purple line.

People who are demonstrably intent on disturbances or disturbance of public order, and who do not move away from this area, can be arrested.


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In fifteen minutes, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge will give a new press conference.

The ministers will announce new corona measures in it.

You can read here

which measures are expected


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Maastricht also announces emergency ordinance for the weekend

Maastricht has also announced an emergency ordinance for fear of riots. The emergency ordinance applies to the entire city from 6 p.m. Friday evening until 6 a.m. Tuesday, the municipality announced. Earlier Friday, the Limburg municipalities of Sittard-Geleen, Stein and Beek announced an emergency ordinance to quickly quell riots.

Mayor Annemarie Penn took this measure after signals about possible disturbances in Maastricht. Under the emergency ordinance, no one is allowed to partially or completely cover their face in the Limburg capital. There is also a ban on gatherings and a ban on having fireworks. The police can carry out preventive searches.

"We want to do everything we can to protect our city and residents as best we can from possible riots," Penn said.

"Let's hope everyone uses their minds and keeps calm, because violence is never a solution.

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Princess Beatrix has already had a

booster shot Princess Beatrix has already received her booster shot with the corona vaccine.

The 83-year-old princess said this on Friday during a visit to a corona test street in Curaçao.

During the visit to the GGD in Willemstad, the princess was updated about the test policy on the island and the current state of affairs.

The princess spoke with corona care providers and with Joey Alcalá, policy officer at the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature.

As a corona measure in Curaçao, everyone must keep 2 meters away from each other.

That rule was not always observed.

No one was tested during the visit.

It's not very busy at the test street anyway;

on a busy morning there are three to four people who are being tested, according to one of the employees.

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The municipality of The Hague does not want a demonstration at the building of the ministry

The municipality of The Hague calls on demonstrators not to demonstrate on the Turfmarkt tonight. Several ministries are located on Turfmarkt, including the Ministry of Justice and Security, where corona press conferences are usually held.

"The police are visibly present in various places in the center. People who want to express their opinion can go to the Koekamp," according to the municipality.

During previous press conferences, demonstrations near the ministry got out of hand. As a result, politicians and journalists had to stay indoors for some time.

Tonight there will be a corona press conference.

People who want to express their opinion can do so at the Koekamp.

The police are visibly present in various places in the center.

People are urged not to go to the Turfmarkt and its immediate surroundings.


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National Police prepared for demonstrations and riots after press conference

The National Police

takes into

unannounced demonstrations, riots and possible riots after the press conference on Friday tightening the corona measures.

A spokesman for the police force says that the police are prepared "for demonstrations, whether announced or not".

Police unions announced on Thursday punctuality actions and work stoppages as a statement against the chronic understaffing, starting with the mobile unit (ME), but they will not take effect immediately.

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Manufacturers have promised to adapt vaccines to variants, according to EU

The manufacturers of corona vaccines contracted by the European Union have promised to adapt their vaccine "immediately" to new virus variants.

Precautions have therefore been taken for the arrival of a disturbing new variant like the one from South Africa,


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Von der Leyen consulted with the manufacturers and scientists about the new variant on Friday, she said.

The variant dominates the news because it appears to be a lot more contagious than the delta variant that is already wreaking havoc in the EU.

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People arrested in several places in the Netherlands for inciting riots

The police have arrested several men on suspicion of


and inciting riots in various places in the Netherlands.

The suspects called on social media and WhatsApp groups to start riots in Lopik, Roermond and Utrecht, among other things. 

The arrested suspects of sedition in Lopik are a fifteen-year-old boy and three men aged 28, 31 and 46 years from that place in Utrecht.

Police were able to track down and arrest the suspects.

They have all been arrested on suspicion of sedition and incitement to violence.

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Nearly 2,600 corona patients in hospitals

The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has increased by 53 in the past 24 hours to 2,598.

That is the largest number since May 4.

There are now 2,070 people in the nursing wards with COVID-19, the disease caused by the corona virus.

On January 6, clinics last had so many covid patients under their care.

Compared to Thursday, there are 55 more corona patients.

The occupancy in intensive care units fell by 2 to 528 people with COVID-19.

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Defense expects patients in military hospital in Utrecht on Monday.

As a result of the announcement of

phase 2D

 , Defense and the Red Cross can support care.

For example, about a hundred soldiers will be placed in the military hospital in Utrecht to be able to receive corona patients from Monday, Commander of the Armed Forces Onno Eichelsheim tells in the radio program 

1 on 1.

The hospital will have ten to twenty IC places.

Eichelsheim suspects that Defense will soon be offering support in even more places.

"We are ready."

He also takes into account the efforts of Defense to guarantee security in the Netherlands if the new measures should lead to major violent protests.

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Schools remain open, but evening lockdown: catering and most shops close at 5 p.m.

A so-called evening lockdown will apply from Sunday and the cabinet will keep the schools open for the time being.

Sources from The Hague confirm this on Friday, several media such as the 

NOS report


The measures will remain in effect for at least three weeks.

According to the


and the 


, students of group six and higher must wear face masks in the hallway to prevent the spread of the virus.



about the new measures.

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At least one person in Belgium infected with a coronavirus


from southern Africa

In Belgium, at least one person has been diagnosed with the new variant of the coronavirus.

A possible second infection with this variant discovered in southern Africa is still being investigated, Belgian media report.

It is the first time that the variant has been established in Europe.

The new variant was found in a young woman, the French-language broadcaster




She is said to have recently traveled from Egypt via Turkey to Belgium.

At first sight there would be no link with southern Africa.

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Difference between 'variant of interest' and 'variant of concern'

The editors get a lot of questions about when to worry about a variant. The


uses two labels: 'variant of interest' and 'variant of concern'.

With a 

variant of interest

 (variant that attracts attention) the variant is found in several countries and is so different from its predecessors that it is less easy to predict how it will develop. The variant is then closely monitored to learn more about how it spreads, how fast it spreads, to what extent the immune system is affected and how sick people become. This is now also happening with the variant found in southern Africa. That research may show that the risk of the variant is not so bad after all.

With a 

variant or concern

 (variant of concern) it has been scientifically established that the variant is actually more contagious, leads to worse symptoms of disease and/or is more resistant to existing drugs or vaccines.

The variant then poses a risk to public health on a global scale.

The beta, gamma and delta variants received this label earlier.

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One in three operating rooms is no longer in use, 'Phase 2D' announced

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) reported on Friday that one in three operating rooms in hospitals is no longer in use. Of the 73 hospitals that submitted data, 18 indicated that they were unable or not always able to provide critical planable care within six weeks.

This care must be provided within the period to prevent health damage. That is why medical specialists assess per situation whether it is justified to postpone treatment.

As many as 55 hospitals were no longer able to provide all normal, planable care. That equates to four in five hospitals. Partly for this reason, Friday is '

Phase 2 D

' proclaimed.

This means that all critically plannable care will no longer be offered for the time being.

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Belgian catering industry close at 11 p.m., nightclubs must close

Catering establishments in Belgium must close their doors at 11 p.m.

In addition, discotheques and nightclubs must remain closed for the next two weeks.

The Belgian Consultation Committee has decided that, 

various Belgian media

reported on


In addition to the new restrictions on the catering industry and the closure of nightclubs, the Consultation Committee has decided that a maximum of six people can sit at a table in a cafe or restaurant.

Private parties will also be banned in the coming weeks.

The measures are expected to take effect on Saturday.

With the measures, Belgium hopes to curb the new wave of corona infections.

Like many other European countries, Belgium has registered record numbers of corona infections in recent days.

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End of Dutch corona wave not yet in sight according to ECDC

The Netherlands is not yet at the peak of the current corona wave.

According to the European health service ECDC, the number of new positive tests will continue to rise for the time being.

The organization estimates that more than 186,000 Dutch people will be told next week that they have been infected.

In the worst case scenario, almost 225,000 positive tests will be registered next week, an average of almost 32,000 new cases per day.

In that case, 1 in 78 Dutch people turns out to be infected.

More than 150,000 positive tests have been registered in the Netherlands in the past seven days.

That is above the ECDC expectations last week.

Also in the weeks before, the number of new cases was higher than ECDC had expected.

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Nijmegen mayor bans demonstration of the Netherlands in the Resistance

Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen has refused an announced demonstration of the Netherlands in the Resistance on Sunday in the city center.

He did this on the advice of the police and umbrella organization GGD GHOR and in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service in the Nijmegen triangle.

The demonstration is not allowed "because of a serious risk of disruption of public order and safety and the inability to enforce the corona measures".

The police say they have received signals that not only peaceful demonstrators, but also, for example, hooligans would come to the demonstration.

These groups would be out for a confrontation with agents or others.

The demonstration therefore poses a threat to public safety, according to the municipality.

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Danger new variant pass over several weeks obvious

danger of the new coronavirus variant B.1.1.529 is only a few weeks entirely clear, says Health Organization.

On Friday afternoon, experts from the WHO will discuss the possible dangers and whether the variant should be designated as worrisome.

According to researchers who have already examined samples of the variant, it contains many mutations compared to the known variants.

B.1.1.529 may be even more contagious than the delta variant, scientists say.

The WHO reports that more research should be done into the virus in any case.

Shortly before the meeting, the WHO said on Friday that countries should take measures based on scientific data and risk analyses.

After the consultation, countries will receive more tools on which to base measures, according to the WHO.

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French make record number of vaccination

appointments The French have made 1.2 million appointments for a booster shot within 24 hours.

That is the largest number of appointments made within a day.

Yesterday it was announced in the country that a corona ticket loses validity if someone does not receive a booster shot.

All adult residents of France can make an appointment for a booster if they have been vaccinated at least five months ago.

France hopes to reduce the number of new infections in this way.

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Bitcoin drops to lowest level since October

The price of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin has


by 7.8 percent

to 54,370 dollars (48,250 euros)

after the news about the discovery of a new coronavirus variant in South Africa


That is the lowest level since early October.

Analysts fear the price will fall further.

"If the new coronavirus variant starts to spread, investors will be less willing to take risks," Yuya Hasegawa of the Japanese bit bank told





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Concerns about people living at home with dementia

Despite all the corona vicissitudes, everything must be done to continue to provide care and daytime activities for people living at home with dementia. Otherwise they will deteriorate faster and others will also be the victims. That is what the organization Alzheimer Nederland says. But the supply of care and daytime activities is no longer up to standard.

“With increasing acute care, people with dementia are often last on the list,” the organization says. "For many people who have been diagnosed with dementia in the past two years, there is still no place at the daytime activities nearby."

"If people do not receive the much-needed support, then it is just a matter of waiting for a crisis situation. And then you are really far from home, because that extends much further than the 200,000 people living at home with dementia," says Gerjoke Wilmink, director of Alzheimer Netherlands.

Partners, relatives and healthcare staff will have to deal with the consequences.

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Only essential general practitioner and neighborhood care

Only the most essential general practitioner and neighborhood care can be provided at the moment.

This is

written by

the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV), the professional association of Nurses & Caregivers in the Netherlands (V&VN) and the branch organization for elderly care ActiZ.

Hospitals and nursing homes are sitting due to the large number of corona patients.

As a result, the pressure on general practitioners and community care is increasing, the organizations write.

"General practitioners and their team, (district) nurses and carers are doing everything they can to continue to provide the most necessary care. This is only possible if we postpone part of the normal care, do not provide it or provide it less intensively."

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Outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) expresses his concerns about the new coronavirus variant circulating in southern Africa.


De Jonge: 'There is still a lot of uncertainty about corona mutation in southern Africa'

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The Dutch in the south of Africa are allowed to return

Despite the flight ban announced today, the Dutch who are currently in the south of Africa have the right to return to the Netherlands.

"But the double test obligation and the quarantine obligation apply to them," a spokesperson for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management told

The passengers on flights from the region that are already en route will be tested at Schiphol and must then be quarantined.

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Flights from southern Africa refused due to new variant

The Netherlands will refuse flights from the southern part of Africa in the near future because of the new virus variant circulating there.

The ban will come into effect at noon on Friday for travelers from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Eswatini.

For two flights from the area, the no-fly zone will take effect while flying,

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