[Explanation] Customs clearance is one of the key links of import and export trade, which directly affects the operating costs and economic benefits of enterprises, and is called the "last mile" of trade.

On November 25th, the 4th Cross-Strait Customs Clearance Forum was held in Xiamen. Cross-strait foreign trade and logistics experts started a high-level dialogue on the theme of "Building New Elements in Customs Clearance Market and Promoting New Development of Cross-Strait Trade" through online and offline methods.

  [Explanation] Although it has entered the era of big data, since the cross-strait customs clearance digital economy is still in the early stage of development, there are still data islands in the process of obtaining, sharing, and circulating customs clearance data. For this reason, cross-strait businesses have unblocked goods. , Convenience of logistics and construction and development of trade innovation.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jiaying, Chairman of Xiamen Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association

  The economic and trade exchanges between the two sides of the strait are becoming more and more frequent. There are agricultural products, technological products and mechanical products. Does it mean that our entire Xiamen customs clearance or Xiamen’s port system should have room for improvement? We also hope to use this this time The forum on cross-strait customs clearance will do some discussion.

  [Concurrent] Wang Lubin, Executive Vice President of Xiamen Customs Special Supervision Regional Association

  Regarding some data standards for cross-strait customs clearance, we have compiled a cross-strait commercial code (commodity code) since last year, which has been well received by cross-strait businesses. According to some different names of common commodities on both sides of the strait, we will also work together this time. At the 4th Cross-Strait Customs Clearance Forum, we will also launch (unified code).

  [Explanation] At the forum, a number of experts proposed to jointly build a cross-strait customs clearance blockchain industry think tank to provide more technical support for the integration of cross-strait customs clearance.

In addition, the publication and publication of the "Customs Clearance Collection" series of "Commonly Used Product Names and HS Codes across the Taiwan Strait" will help reduce the time for cross-strait customs clearance and build an efficient and orderly market for "new customs clearance elements".

  [Concurrent] Bai Fengchuan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Customs Brokers Association

  Now, through the establishment of this common standard and the comparison of standards, it is convenient for the industry to inquire about not only the requirements of customs clearance at ports, but also some requirements of the financial market. This is also our solution to cross-strait customs clearance through professional technical means. Some problems.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the 4th Cross-Strait Customs Clearance Forum aims to attract more cross-strait trade logistics and customs personnel to participate in cross-strait customs clearance affairs, seek solutions to break the "digital island", and promote cross-strait customs clearance through facilitation and standardization. Integration.

  Li Siyuan, Cai Yuting reports from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]