An indication of the situation is how many patients need hospital care for covid-19.

- There we are around 1-15 people, says infection control doctor Britt Åkerlind.

Östergötland has been at that level for a number of weeks now.

Even though the situation is calm in Östergötland right now, there are worrying signs.

Skåne and western Sweden note an increased spread of infection and Region Jämtland has once again gone up to staff.

In Europe, it looks even worse.

This is perhaps most evident in Austria, which has introduced strict restrictions, and in Germany, which is experiencing record numbers in terms of the spread of infection.

A compilation made by DN shows that the number of double-vaccinated people who need hospital care is increasing.

For Östergötland, this applies to double-vaccinated people who already belong to a risk group or are old enough to have a lower immune system.

New recommendations on how to behave do not seem to be far off.

- I know that new regulations and general advice are coming in the days, says Britt Åkerlind.