China News Service, Bangkok, November 25 (Reporter Wang Guoan) Thai Prime Minister Prayut and Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei held an online meeting on the 25th. The two sides exchanged views on how to enhance Thailand's digital competitiveness and lay a solid ICT talent base.

  Prayut thanked Huawei for its continued support of Thailand's digital transformation and post-epidemic recovery, and expressed its willingness to further strengthen cooperation with Huawei to promote Thailand's 4.0 strategy and digital talent training.

Data map: Thai Prime Minister Prayut.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

  Prayut emphasized that advanced ICT technology and digital innovation will play an important role in supporting Thailand's economic resilience and sustainable development.

He said that Huawei has made great contributions to Thailand's fight against the epidemic and digital transformation.

Huawei's history and culture of struggle are impressive.

Looking forward to the future, Thailand looks forward to cooperating with Huawei in various fields such as digital economy, 5G smart hospitals, cloud and computing, digital energy, smart logistics, and data centers.

  Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei and Thailand have been working together to build a solid digital infrastructure.

In the future, Huawei looks forward to accelerating the application of digital technology in key industries in Thailand, especially in application scenarios such as ports and airports.

  He said that Huawei has full confidence in Thailand's digital transformation and talent training.

Huawei's local team will work closely with Thai customers and partners to create value for Thailand.

  Since its establishment in 1999, Huawei Thailand Technology Co., Ltd. has continued to support Thailand's digital transformation.

Currently, Huawei Thailand has more than 2,800 employees, of which 86% are local employees, and indirectly created more than 8,500 job opportunities for Thailand.

In March of this year, Huawei was awarded the 2020 "Digital International Enterprise of the Year" Special Prime Minister's Award by Prayut, and is the only foreign company to receive the award this year.