China News Service, November 25. According to foreign media reports on the 25th, Ballu, director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London, said in a statement that a variant of the new coronavirus has emerged in South Africa and Botswana.

This new variant, named B.1.1529, carries an unusually high number of mutations.

He said that the new variant is likely to evolve during the infection of a patient with weakened immunity, possibly in an untreated AIDS patient.

  Baru said: "At this stage, it is difficult to predict how spreading the new virus variant will be. For now, it should be closely monitored and analyzed. But there is no reason to worry too much unless it starts to appear frequently in the near future. ."

Data map: In a pharmacy in Johannesburg, South Africa, staff are sorting disinfection supplies.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Xi

  The South African National Institute of Infectious Diseases said in a statement that 22 cases of the variant have been detected in South Africa.

  The Acting Executive Director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of South Africa, Puren, said in a statement: "Although the data is limited, our experts are stepping up time and working with all established surveillance systems to understand this new variant and the potential that may arise. Influence."

  The African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said earlier that it will meet with South African officials next week to discuss the country’s new variant of the new coronavirus.