The first meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party's executive headquarters was held to realize the "new capitalism" that the Kishida administration advocates, and Prime Minister Kishida reflected the opinions of the party, saying that he would like to summarize the whole picture at the government meeting next spring. We asked for lively discussions to make it happen.

Toward the realization of "new capitalism," the Liberal Democratic Party has set up a new executive headquarters headed by Prime Minister Kishida, and about 80 members attended the first meeting held on the 25th.

Among them, Prime Minister Kishida said, "In the world, there is a movement to firmly protect the middle class, to make bold investments by companies and governments, and to seek a new economic and social system. Issues such as science and technology, digital, and economic security. We would like to make a bold investment in Japan and realize a "virtuous cycle of growth and distribution" that allows the people to experience the fruits of growth. "

After that, he said, "I would like to draw a grand design at the government meeting aiming for next spring. I would like the party to make recommendations for the government's efforts," and asked for lively discussions.

In addition, Secretary General Mogi said, "Capitalism also needs to be remodeled in response to changes in the times. We would like to proceed with discussions at government meetings and on both wheels of cars."

The Execution Headquarters has a policy of compiling proposals that include specific measures after repeated discussions, such as by hearing from experts.