Memorial NGO in Russia: "Foreign agents" was written too small

Russian lawyer Henri Reznik attends the hearing before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in Moscow this Thursday, November 25, 2021. Earlier this month, the prosecutor's office asked the Supreme Court to revoke the legal status of the NGO Memorial.

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First hearing, this Thursday, November 25, of the trial for “liquidation” of the NGO Memorial, accused of having violated the Russian law on foreign agents, by failing to fulfill its obligation to correctly indicate this infamous status.

This iconic organization, which began its struggles in 1989 documenting the repression of Stalinism right up to respect for human rights today, is appearing before the Supreme Court.


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With our correspondent in Moscow,

Anissa El Jabri

Sitting behind the dark wooden desks of this room of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General of Russia, Ivan Krastov, is one of the Russian personalities under American, Canadian and European sanctions, in the case of the imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny.

Judge Alla Nazarova has already "


", that's the term used,

the NGO of historical human rights activist Lev Ponomarev

- that was two years ago.

A bad omen, observers judge, in this court where the proceedings are broadcast in a room outside for the press.

There was a debate on Thursday about the font size with which Memorial has, on certain media, signaled its status as an overseas agent.

Too small, cut the floor.

Outside, police vans intended for each Muscovite pulling out a sign in support of the NGO.

Konstantin Kotov was arrested while walking on the sidewalk outside the court.

This human rights activist has already spent a year and a half in the penal colony where Alexeï Navalny is detained.

The next hearing of this trial of the NGO, one of the last commitments of which is the implication of a mercenary of the Wagner company for war crimes in Syria, is scheduled for December 14.

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