by Celia Guimaraes

25 November 2021 They are among us, they see each other, they interact with the public, yet they are real 'digital ghosts': the holograms of the speakers 

A Bto, the conference on tourism of the future underway in Florence, the CEO of Enit Roberta Garibaldi talked about the new frontiers made possible by this proposal, not exactly innovative, but much changed thanks to computers.

We were able to see and hear the Enit ad, ask her questions.

It was neither present nor connected remotely but appeared to the public as a hologram generated with digital technology.  

The holograms refer to past experiments: "They are, in short, an optical illusion, used since the past centuries to create ghosts to scare tourists in castles", says Margherita Tennirelli, co-founder of the Pisan company Alkedo who developed the technology used in Florence, making it up-to-date thanks to a huge mass of data processed with the support of artificial intelligence and 5G connections.

Interactive holograms: amaze the conference audience thanks to the special effects 

Tennirelli defines it as 'Holopresence', the system that uses the optical illusion of the hologram integrating it into a real context without the use of supports such as glasses or viewers. 

The effect is very suggestive: we are very close to 'real' resolution and interactivity, with a strong reference to science fiction, first of all Star Trek.   

Marco Gilardi (Operations Direction Italy & Usa NH Hotel Group), Massimo Canducci (Chief Innovation Officer Engineering) and Simone Puorto (Founder Travel Singularity) also 'appeared' as holograms who interacted in real size with the moderators. 

Will technological holograms be a useful system for the hybrid conferences of the future?

The business tourism sector, which organizes thousands of congresses and meetings every year and which represents 1% of the Italian GDP (2019 figure), takes digital seriously.