In the news: relief after the conviction of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery

Travis McMichael, accused of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, at the Brunswick courthouse, in the US state of Georgia, November 23, 2021. POOL GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

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On Wednesday, November 24, three white Americans were convicted of the

murder of African-American jogger Ahmaud Arbery

. For the

Miami Herald

, it was not only a relief, but a real " 


 " after weeks of worry. The family feared the defense would succeed in influencing a predominantly white jury. The defense lawyer went so far as to describe

 the victim's "

dirty toenails

" to justify the reaction of her clients, the newspaper recalls.

For the

Daily News


in New York, it is " 

a lesson to an America accustomed to jump by reflex on erroneous political conclusions

 ". Days

after recognizing the act of " 

Kyle Rittenhouse as an act of self-defense

, another jury rightly rejected baseless claims of self-defense." And just days after some advocates and politicians declared the US judicial system incapable of delivering justice in a racially-charged case (...) the same system convicted three white men for the murder of a black man

 ”. What "to 

restore confidence in the judicial system

 ", adds the

Washington Post


A murder that looks like a " 



And now ?

That's the question asked by the

Savannah Morning News


The newspaper recalls that the three condemned can and probably will appeal.


Washington Post

believes in any case that " 

justice is done

 ", but recalls that

"the murder of Arbery was almost hushed up by the authorities in Georgia.

The three men remained at large for several weeks, and the prosecutors initially in charge of the case maintained that the shooting did not constitute a real crime

 ”, before the publication of a video which caused the stir and led to these arrests .


USA Today

, the

"The task of achieving racial equality remains unfinished as long as there are corners of society where an Ahmaud Arbery can be killed

 ", " 

for no other reason than that of the color of his skin


A murder which according to the newspaper has all the characteristics of a " 



New wave of arrests in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, a new critical voice was arrested three days ago.

This is Edgar Parrales, former representative of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS).

This 79-year-old political scientist, a former Sandinista, is used to giving his opinion without hiding his identity.

According to

La Prensa

he is the oldest inmate of this wave of imprisonment which began 181 days ago.

Chile: campaign team of a candidate attacked

Direction Chile, now, where the campaign for the second round of the presidential election, on December 19, is launched.

The Chilean press made its front page on the incidents which punctuated, on Wednesday, a trip by the far-right candidate José Antonio Kast, who came first in the first round.

Her press officer [a pregnant woman] was pushed around and one of her top advisers was spit on,


La Tercera



The candidate had to leave this campaign activity in the south of Santiago, " 

under the insults and cries

 ", " 

escorted by the police


Eggs were thrown at his car.

José Antonio Kast considers that everything was " 



His opponent called for dialogue and rejected this aggression, described as " 


 " by

El Mercurio



3,200 humanitarian visas granted

In Mexico, the National Institute of Migration grants more than 3,200 humanitarian visas to migrants who are currently crossing its territory. This new caravan of migrants is currently in Veracruz, according to 

La Razon

. The newspaper specifies that this visa allows them " 

to access a job, to move around the country without any problem

 " and to continue their asylum application process. Another caravan made up of Haitians will leave Tapachula on Friday, in the south of the country, on the border with Guatemala, explains the same newspaper. He specifies that 40,000 people from Haiti have already applied for asylum in Mexico and are awaiting a response from the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees.

According to


, the United States " 

will begin to re-implement former President Donald Trump's Migrant Protection Protocol, better known as Stay in Mexico in the cities of San Diego. , Brownsville and El Paso, which respectively border Tijuana, Matamoros and Ciudad Juárez ”.

This protocol obliges migrants " 

to remain on Mexican territory while the American authorities study their asylum requests

 ". The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Texas judge in August. Yet, notes



“Mexico has not yet accepted the conditions ordered by the Supreme Court.

The effectiveness of the policy will therefore depend on Mexico's willingness to accept returned migrants



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