In Mali, will the “national refoundation meetings” take place?

An aerial view of Bamako, the capital of Mali.

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The question arises following the postponement announced on Tuesday by the committee responsible for organizing them.

No new date has been announced and for the opposition, by postponing these meetings, the government seeks above all to stay in place.


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For the authorities,

these foundations of the overhaul

are a prerequisite for the establishment of the electoral calendar. An aberration for the opposition parties, in particular for the Socialist party led by Amadou Koïta: “ 

These meetings are too many foundations. These meetings divide more than they unite the Malians. A timetable had been published, which fixed on February 27, 2022, the holding of general elections, in particular the presidential and legislative elections. So we ask the government to respect this timetable

. "

Oumar Mariko, president of Sadi, African Solidarity for Development and Independence, the foundations of the refoundation are only a trompe-l'oeil used by the military and civil authorities to remain in power: "

 No one is fooled on the matter.

Everything can be done together and we can equip ourselves with legitimate and legal institutions, apart from political and personal calculations, to which the military and the strategic committee of the M5-RFP, embodied by its Prime Minister, have unfortunately devoted themselves today



Many civil society organizations also criticize the authorities' desire to hold this refounding meeting and recall that the priority is the organization of the presidential election.


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