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The Health Council also recommends offering all eighteen to sixty-year-olds a booster shot.

The elders should be the first to act and it does not matter with which vaccine the person was vaccinated earlier.

A booster shot may not be given for people under 60 at the earliest six months after the second - or in the case of Janssen only - injection, the experts write in a new advice to the caretaker cabinet.

According to the council, people under 60 should only be given a booster shot after the age of 60, residents of care institutions and healthcare staff.

The injection process was accelerated in mid-November.

"Now that the number of infections is high, the risk that vaccinated persons under the age of sixty will become seriously ill," the council said.

"A booster vaccination can improve the protection of this group and thus provide health benefits."

In an emergency advice, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) asked whether Janssen-vaccinated people should also receive a booster shot (accelerated).

The Council gives several reasons why this is not necessary.

"Since the authorization of vaccines, it has already been clear that AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines offer slightly lower protection against infections than Pfizer and Moderna. There are signs that protection is declining and will continue to decline in the foreseeable future, but the protection that all vaccines offer against hospital admissions are still high and the differences are not large," according to the council.

If even more groups are given priority, this could lead to a delay in the injection process, the council suspects.

The benefits of a quick jab campaign outweigh the slightly lower protection of Janssen and AstraZeneca vaccinees, the experts conclude.

Finally, the Health Council recommends using only the booster vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

These are also the only booster shots that the cabinet has already offered to Dutch people.