Orange day is a day where you light up famous buildings around the world in the color orange, and in Gävle it became the castle.

- Today we are here to draw attention to Orange day, the UN day for the abolition of violence against women.

It is precisely the color orange that inspires hope and a future to be able to change things, says Maria Donnerstål, coordinator at the county administrative board in Gävleborg.

Light demonstrations out in the county

In 2021, the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg has started the work "A municipality free from violence" in collaboration with the organization MEN.

The education is aimed at municipalities with a focus on developing and strengthening the work on violence prevention with a holistic perspective.

The effort is made together with Bollnäs municipality, Sandviken municipality and Ljusdal municipality.

On Thursday, you can, among other things, take part in light manifestations around Gävleborg.

- Out in the county, there will be various light manifestations, there are lectures, educations and that type of different activities.

There are several actors in the county and municipalities that carry out different things right now, but also during the week, says Pernilla Bylund.