France: the prefect of Martinique establishes a curfew "until calm is restored"

A resident of Fort de France passes near a burnt car and a roadblock in Martinique, November 25, 2021. © LOIC VENANCE / AFP

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The prefect of Martinique, in the French West Indies, decided Thursday, November 25 to establish a curfew in the face of nocturnal urban violence in the island, which, like its neighbor Guadeloupe, is experiencing a protest movement, born of a refusal of the vaccination obligation of caregivers, but which degenerated into a social crisis.


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The authorities are raising the tone in Martinique.

Until now, it was possible to travel until 10 p.m.

From now on, it will be 3 hours earlier: at 7 p.m., for everyone without exception.

With the objective of " 

the return to a peaceful situation

 " which "then

 allows (you) to dialogue, to work, to move forward 

", but also "

 the return of public service and the reopening of the school system

 ", explained the prefect Stanislas. Cazelles.

A measure taken after 4 nights punctuated by violence on the island, in particular at the level of roadblocks held during the day by strikers and which turn after nightfall into a pitched battle against the police, reports our special envoy Pierre Olivier .

The prefect also announced that this night, the police system would be reinforced and more mobile to be able to follow the movements of the thugs and " 

target the most difficult points 



 Groups of individuals have committed degradation and installed roadblocks

 ", and "

 acts of violence have taken place against the security forces 

", argued the representative of the State who added that " 

eleven people

 "Had been arrested and" 

several weapons 


To read and listen: Martinique: the protest movement and the roadblocks continue

Press release |

Establishment of a curfew as of today at 7:00 p.m. ⬇️

- Prefect of Martinique (@ Prefet972) November 25, 2021

But for the moment, no reinforcement from metropolitan France has yet been announced, nor the date of the visit of the Minister of Overseas.

A meeting was also held Thursday morning between the local authorities and the inter-union at the origin of the roadblocks.

The only announcement for the moment, at the request of the unions, all travelers who go to Martinique from the metropolis will now have to carry a negative Covid test, and this, even if they are vaccinated.

To appease the situation, the French Prime Minister Jean Castex had notably announced Monday the creation of a "

 forum of dialogue

 " in order to " 

convince and support individually, humanly

 ", the professionals concerned by the vaccination obligation.

Young people suffer on the one hand so they manifest themselves through violence.

I outright condemn.

Report: In front of a warehouse of boats ravaged by flames, residents denounce the violence

Pierre Olivier


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