Maximilien Carlier, edited by Clément Perruche 6:34 p.m., November 25, 2021

French fishermen have announced that they will block from Friday access to the ports of Saint-Malo, Ouistreham and Calais as well as to the Channel tunnel dedicated to goods.

With this action "punch", the fishermen intend to put pressure on the British who still refuse the granting of 150 licenses.

The fishermen's anger escalates.

After the United Kingdom's refusal to grant fishing licenses to certain boats, sea professionals have planned to mobilize on Friday in Brittany and Hauts-de-France.

The fishermen will block the ports of Saint-Malo, Ouistreham and Calais as well as access to the Channel tunnel for goods.


 Brexit: French fishermen announce the blocking of ports and Eurotunnel in France

A "punch action"

"There will be a lot of fishermen. Sailors, bosses ... People are very nervous," explains Olivier Leprêtre, president of the regional committee for maritime fisheries in Hauts-de-France. "It has been going on for eleven months anyway. We hope that there will be no overflows. But things still have to move because since January 1, the English have access to the European market and we have does not have access to water [British, Editor's note] as it had been signed in the agreement. It is a punch action to show what we are capable of. If necessary, we will go further and we will target other things, other products. "

The aim of this "wake-up call" is to put pressure on the EU to force the British to grant fishing licenses in accordance with the Brexit agreements.

150 French fishing boats are still waiting for the green light from London to continue fishing in English waters.

"The aim is to ask the Commission to take its responsibilities and to ensure that the agreement is respected. Then, it is to warn Boris Johnson and to say to him 'Attention your fishermen have access to the European market, I do not see why our boats would not have access to British waters. So now you are doing what it takes to enforce the agreement '", explained a few days ago at the microphone of Europe 1 Olivier Leprêtre.