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If you already want to anticipate Christmas gifts for children, take advantage of Black Friday 2021 and the current promotional periods.

Among the brands offering interesting offers, E.Leclerc dedicates a full day to promotions on a specific toy brand.

As their respective names indicate, the MATTEL and HASBRO Star Days honor the brands Barbie, Hot Wheels and the biggest board game references.

These dedicated days allow you to credit your E.Leclerc card with part of your purchases, up to 34%.

Enjoy HASBRO Star Day

Take advantage of the MATTEL Star Day

MATTEL star day: up to 34% in E.Leclerc tickets on the Barbie and Hot Wheels brands

We no longer present the most famous doll in the world, which incorporates the adventures of the youngest for several generations.

Barbie, but also all her family and friends are back under the tree with several models of dolls and accessories.

The famous Barbie motorhome, but also the plane or the unicorn now share the stage with the Barbie food-truck and the dressing room.

To celebrate the end of the year with you, Barbie even comes in a collector's box, wearing an evening dress for the occasion.

You can also find all of the doll's relatives - Chelsea, Stacie, Skipper, and of course Ken - in several original outfits.

Take advantage of the Barbie and Hot Wheels offers

Historically, young children love to play on the racetrack.

Among the big brands, Hot Wheels is always a big hit.

The loops that follow and the tight turns put a strain on small vehicles.

Several action scenes are also available, such as the attack of the shark, the dragon robot or even the triceratops.

Some Hot Wheels toy car models can even change color on contact with water.

The carts can operate on any circuit of the brand, but also independently.

Thus, your child invents adventures in his room and everywhere at home.

Take advantage of the MATTEL Star Day

HASBRO star day: up to 34% in E.Leclerc tickets on the great classics of board games

HASRBO is one of the best-known brands of board games.

Owner of flagship licenses, such as Monopoly, Doctor Maboul or Cluedo, the brand innovates by regularly presenting new games.

HASBRO also offers more classic games, such as versions of Rummikub, Power 4 or Jenga.

Some of these games even have the luxury of being available in several versions themselves, like Monopoly.

From now on, you can choose a specific theme (Friends, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Asterix, Fortnite…) or a way of playing (Monopoly Fake Tickets, Monopoly Bad Losers, Monopoly Cheats…).

Discover the HASBRO offers

Thanks to the MATTEL and HASBRO star days, you can start Christmas gifts for your children or loved ones while saving money.

The E.Leclerc ticket credited when you buy in-store or on the site can be spent the next day.

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