China News Service, November 25. According to foreign media reports, the emergency service department of Catalonia, Spain, said on the 24th that a carbon dioxide leak occurred at a nuclear power plant in the area, which caused one death and three people were taken to the hospital.

However, the accident has nothing to do with radiation.

  The nuclear power plant where the carbon dioxide leak occurred was located in Asco. The staff performed technical maintenance on the fire protection system of the nuclear integrated system.

The nuclear power plant and the Van der Rohe nuclear power plant produce 50% of the electricity needed in Catalonia.

  The Catalan fire department said they were preparing to evacuate the site after checking the exhaust fans with the nuclear power plant staff and ensuring that the system was working properly.   

  The emergency center said that the three people who were taken to the hospital suffered minor injuries due to carbon dioxide inhalation. 

  The Spanish newspaper La El Nacional pointed out that the emergency situation did not affect the operation of the nuclear power plant.