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The remains of a private soldier were found at the site of the excavation of the remains of Baekmagoji near Cheorwon, Gangwon-do, and it is saddening to see it.


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A private soldier taking a shooting stance while hiding in a trench to avoid enemy shells.

These are the remains found at the site of the Battle of Baekmagoji, one of the most fierce battles of the Korean War.

Insignia of rank, bulletproof helmets with holes, ammunition and spoons were found near the remains.

In the chest of the remains, a rank insignia of a first-class soldier and a current second-class soldier were found.

It reminds us of the desperate situation faced by a novice who had just been put into battle.

However, as no dog tags or other identification tags have been found to identify the deceased, it is expected that it will take longer before they are returned to their families.

The Ministry of National Defense announced that it has been excavating remains in the DMZ for 110 days since September, and found 27 remains and 8,262 remains of the dead.

Netizens commented, “You have protected the Republic of Korea for 70 years with your soul in the trenches.”, “It’s too late, but I hope you can rest in peace now…

” was the response.