According to the Heart and Lung Foundation, more than two million people live with cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Sweden and causes about a third of all deaths - about 30,000 every year throughout the country.

Obesity, food and exercise

- These diseases are caused to a very large extent by lifestyle-related factors such as obesity, eating and exercise habits and if you use tobacco, says Kristina Hambraeus at Falu Hospital.

Dalarna is one of the ten counties in the country with the highest death rates linked to cardiovascular disease.

Last year, 1,045 people died in Dalarna in connection with this, and the last five years have seen a decrease.

In 2016, 1227 people in Dalarna died of cardiovascular disease.

One of the explanations is that we have healthier living habits, for example that fewer people smoke.

What can be done to prevent cardiovascular disease?

Listen to the doctor in the video above.