Belgium: a doctor from Wallonia would have carried out more than 2,000 false vaccinations

A Belgian caregiver prepares a dose of vaccine against Covid-19 in Antwerp in April 2021 (illustrative image).

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With a vaccination rate of 75%, Belgium is the fourth most vaccinated country in the EU and the third booster dose has started to be given to people over 65 years old.

But the health authorities have just discovered that a doctor in the French-speaking region of Wallonia has carried out more than 2,000 false vaccinations, thus opening the right for his “patients” to as many Covid-19 certificates and therefore unjustified health passes.


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With our correspondent in Brussels


Pierre Benazet

This unscrupulous doctor provided his patients with a false vaccination certificate because he had not previously given any injections.

It would have been almost impossible anyway because the patients concerned resided in the four corners of Wallonia, a territory as large as five French departments.

However, dozens of them are supposed to have been vaccinated on the same day. 

"An extremely dangerous act"

In addition, this doctor had hardly ever sought doses of the vaccine.


We realized on anti-tax sites that there were calls to be able to buy false certificates and false vaccinations.

This is the biggest and most serious anomaly, it is an extremely dangerous act.

It's a breach of trust from those who have asked for fake certificates and walk around with fake certificates in places with people who are vaccinated and who hoped to be protected and who are not, ”

said Christie Morreale, the Minister of Health of the regional government of Wallonia.

Not trustworthy

Belgium has imposed new health restriction measures,

at the center of which the Covid Safe Ticket, the Belgian-style Covid pass.

It is therefore not completely reliable.

The doctor was urgently disconnected from the Covid database and his fate is now in the hands of Justice, as is that of his false patients whose health records have been erased.

They are first invited to get vaccinated.

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