China News Service, Lanzhou, November 24 (Yan Jiao Ai Qinglong) The "Dunhuang Bookstore" integrated publishing platform launched by Gansu Education Publishing House, a subsidiary of Reader Publishing Group, has recently completed the construction of database products and knowledge service system, breaking Dunhuang The fragmented barriers of book publishing resources, the reorganization of Dunhuang ancient books, academic monographs, theses and other resources, the establishment of "electronic archives" and officially launched.

  Xue Yingzhao, president of Gansu Education Publishing House, received an exclusive interview with a reporter from on the 24th, saying that the "Dunhuang Bookstore" integrated publishing platform is composed of the "Dunhuang and Silk Road Historical and Cultural Document Database" and the "One Belt and One Road" background of Dunhuang and Silk. "Road Research Knowledge Service Platform" constitutes.

Completed the digital processing of more than 2,000 academic monographs, 500 ancient books, 500 journals, 6,000 papers, 50,000 pictures, and 500 audio and video segments of Dunhuang Studies and Silk Road Studies, and constructed a vocabulary and corpus of related knowledge. A networked knowledge database.

  Reader Publishing Group has been committed to publishing Dunhuang books in cooperation with Dunhuang academic circles at home and abroad for 70 years, publishing more than 1,000 books on Dunhuang subjects in 6 categories.

The subsidiary Gansu Education Publishing House is also known as the "Publishing Base of Dunhuang Studies". Over the past 30 years, it has published more than 300 Dunhuang books with a wide range of contents and various forms. The copyrights of 3 books have been exported to Japan, and 6 books have been translated into Korean. , English and Russian are distributed overseas, and 7 books have won national awards, which have attracted widespread attention in the academic industry.

  Bai Xin, the deputy director of Gansu Education Publishing House, who is responsible for the construction of the "Dunhuang Bookstore" integrated publishing platform, said that the platform integrates the resources of the Reader Publishing Group, major Dunhuang research institutes and cultural and cultural institutions, forming a combination of domestic and foreign Dunhuang studies, A consulting team composed of well-known experts in multiple disciplines and fields, such as philology, bamboo slips, silk road history and culture research, archaeology, cultural relics protection, library science, traditional publishing and digital publishing.

The design of the platform interface also uses a large number of elements such as patterns, gestures, and clothing in the Mogao Grottoes and colored sculptures, which have strong Dunhuang characteristics and silk road customs.

  Bai Xin said that the platform not only provides help for universities and scientific research institutes, but also promotes Dunhuang academic research results and media products to ordinary readers through the "Dunhuang Bookstore" public account. You can search for entries with one click to read and browse related academic monographs. , Journals, etc., as well as pictures, audios, and documentaries. "After the database is processed, the platform will sort out the relevant academic context to form nearly 200,000 entries for inquiries, and more accurately "target" Dunhuang and the Silk Road. Research results."

  Bai Xin said frankly that in response to the resource shortage problem faced by the "Dunhuang Bookstore", in the future, it will continue to expand the publication volume of Dunhuang's existing academic research results, increase academic research and transform popular reading materials, and purchase and lease the volume of Dunhuang books from other institutions in order to increase the "Dunhuang Bookstore" "The basic amount of knowledge services.

The Silk Road and Dunhuang cultural fusion media books published by the agency, which integrate text, photography, audio commentary, and two-dimensional code, also contribute to the construction of the platform.

  The project is based on serving the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, guided by the construction of Dunhuang Studies and Silk Road research knowledge base, user needs and market demand, with the main goal of building a knowledge service platform, and aims to use digital and integrated media means Create a well-known academic brand in this research field in China, further promote Dunhuang culture, and promote the integrated development of traditional publishing and emerging publishing.