China News Service, November 23. According to the US "World Journal" report, the New York City Government intends to set up a new homeless shelter in Manhattan's Chinatown, located on East Broadway, just a few steps away from the "Excellent Shopping Center".

  The New York City Department of Social Services (DSS) recently stated that New York City’s Safe Haven will set up a homeless shelter with a capacity of 120 people on East Broadway in 2023, giving priority to the homeless residents of Chinatown and Manhattan. "游民关怀" (Care For The Homeless) is organized and operated.

  To this end, the Chinese House in New York and more than a dozen affiliated overseas Chinese groups sent letters to express solemn protest. The protest letter stated that in the case of overcrowding in many places near the Chinatown community, the community could not cause more problems for small businesses and residents. Below, maintain another vagrant center.

  The letter mentioned that the East Broadway community has been struggling under the epidemic. There are currently five similar drug rehabilitation centers in Chinatown. If the city government builds a new homeless center here, it will make the local situation worse.

All New York City communities should share the responsibilities, but the city government has concentrated the homeless center in Chinatown, which will bring a huge burden to Chinatown.

  Recently, Governor Kathy Hochul came to the Chinatown community to invest 20 million yuan to rejuvenate the community after the epidemic, and the "Edong Mall" not far from 91 East Broadway is one of the key revitalization projects.

The merchants of the mall said that after learning that the community received funding for revitalization, they felt there was a “ray of hope” and believed that with the help of the government, they would surely help the East Broadway community to return to its former glory.

However, setting up homeless shelters in the prosperous part of the community will also make businesses and residents feel worried and unsafe. “Nowadays, there are already many homeless people wandering under the Manhattan Bridge at night. If the shelter is opened again, I’m afraid it will attract more homeless people. Into the community."