Afghanistan: Taliban attack women's presence on television

Men unplug a television in a Kabul clothing store abandoned by its owner in September 2021 (illustrative image).

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice orders its first directives.

He called on, among other things, Afghan televisions to no longer broadcast series showing women and women journalists wearing the Islamic veil.


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With our correspondent in Kabul,

Sonia Ghezali

The soap operas and series with rose water in which actresses appear must cease orders the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

In his sights, Turkish series in particular which are very successful in Afghanistan and in which the actresses are not veiled.

Before the Taliban took power, censorship already existed since actresses' necklines were blurred and scenes in which actors kissed were censored.

The Taliban order the withdrawal of these soap operas deemed not to conform to Islamic values.

They also demand that women journalists wear the “

Islamic veil

” on screen.

No further details are given.

Already a lot of changes on TV

In Afghanistan, however, Afghan television has already changed a lot since the Taliban took power three months ago. Some music programs are no longer playing and the women presenters and journalists have swapped their colorful outfits for sober clothes and have given up the heavy make-up they proudly wore before the arrival of religious fundamentalists. The veils loosely set on the back of the head are gone, the women on screen completely covering their hair.

Shaharzad Akbar

, who was head of the Independent Human Rights Commission before the fall of the former government, has governed on Twitter.

When will you begin to rule and keep your promises, instead of restricting, destroying and suppressing?

She said.

A question for the attention of the Taliban who still have not authorized the schooling of middle school and high school girls, everywhere in the country.

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