Xinhua News Agency, Bucharest, November 22 (Reporter Lin Huifen) Romanian President Johannes announced on the 22nd that he accepts the proposal of the Minister of Defense of the Caretaker Government Nicola Chuk to be Prime Minister and requires him to accept a vote of confidence in the parliament as soon as possible.

  Johannes said that the coalition government composed of the Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the Hungarian National Democratic Alliance and supported by minority parliamentarians has an absolutely solid majority in the parliament. He is satisfied with this and accepts the nomination of the prime ministers of the three parties, asking Chuuk as soon as possible. Form a new government.

  Chuuk said that the Romanian people hope that the new government can ensure the stability of the country, find a way to deal with the new crown epidemic and the energy crisis, and effectively implement the national economic recovery plan.

He said that increasing investment will occupy a significant proportion of the new government's policy agenda.

  The leaders of the three parties mentioned above announced that the new government will be born before the 25th.

Local public opinion generally believes that the upcoming three-party coalition government will pass a vote of confidence in the parliament without suspense.

  Chuk is 54 years old this year and has a military background. In November 2019, he became the Minister of Defense and changed to a civilian official. In December 2020, he was elected as a senator of the National Liberal Party.

  This is the second time that Johannes has nominated Chuuk as prime minister.

Chuuk was nominated by the president as the new prime minister on October 21, but he announced on November 1 that he would abandon the formation of a cabinet, on the grounds that the minority government composed of the National Liberal Party and the Hungarian Democratic Alliance had no hope of passing a parliamentary vote of confidence.

  Romania held general elections for parliament in December last year, forming a ruling coalition in which Kerchu was prime minister.

On October 5 this year, the Romanian parliament passed a no-confidence bill, and the Kchu government, which had been in power for less than 10 months, stepped down.

On October 11, Johannes authorized the rescue of the Romanian Union Party Chairman Choros to form a cabinet, but the Choros cabinet failed to pass a vote of confidence in the parliament.