, Beijing, November 20. On November 20, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a video speech at the Global Think Tank Conference to clarify his position on Sino-US relations in depth.

  Wang Yi said that as the largest developing country and the largest developed country, whether China and the United States can properly handle their relations is at stake for the future and destiny of the world. It is the question of the century that the two countries must answer together.

  Wang Yi said that on November 16, President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Biden held an in-depth, candid, comprehensive, and meaningful constructive meeting.

The Chinese leaders clarified their position to the United States and drew a clear bottom line. At the same time, they also demonstrated their sincerity in seeking cooperation and properly handling differences.

Both China and the United States believe that the relationship between the two countries is extremely important and cannot be broken; China and the United States need to respect each other and coexist peacefully.

  Wang Yi said that during the meeting, President Xi Jinping solemnly proposed that China and the United States should respect each other, coexist peacefully, and cooperate for a win-win situation, and made an incisive explanation of the connotation of these three principles. On this basis, President Xi Jinping also proposed that China and the United States should Four priorities to be promoted.

These important statements reflect the Chinese leaders' profound thinking on the development and evolution of Sino-US relations, and also clarify the basic framework for the future direction of Sino-US relations.

  Mutual respect is the basic prerequisite for coexistence between nations.

Each country has its own unique history and culture, has its core interests that it is most concerned about and cannot give up, and it has the right to choose a social system and development path that suits its own national conditions.

All countries should understand and respect each other in a spirit of tolerance, and should not be condescending or even imposing on others.

  Peaceful coexistence is the proper meaning of state-to-state exchanges.

Peace is the greatest common aspiration of mankind. Without peace, nothing can be discussed.

Especially for big countries like China and the United States, once they move towards conflict and confrontation, it will not only bring no benefit to the two countries, but will also be an unbearable disaster for the world.

Therefore, maintaining peaceful coexistence without conflict and confrontation is a rational choice that China and the United States should adhere to, and it is also a way for countries with different social systems to get along with each other.

  Win-win cooperation is the correct direction of historical development.

The trend of the times of globalization is irreversible, and the practice of isolationism and protectionism is bound to harm others.

The interests of China and the United States have been deeply integrated. The result of any zero-sum game will only hurt both sides. Only by insisting on mutual benefit and common development can we achieve stability and long-term development.

  Wang Yi said that with regard to the future of Sino-US relations, President Xi Jinping compared the two countries to two huge ships riding the wind and waves, and pointed out that the two sides must keep their direction steady, not yaw, not stall, let alone collide.

We hope that the United States will agree with its words and deeds, and truly implement important statements such as not fighting the "new cold war", not seeking conflicts and confrontation, and not supporting "Taiwan independence" into specific policies and actions. Only in this way can China-US relations be stable and far-reaching, which will benefit both. China also benefits the world.