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November 20, 2021 "If we, with the fully open economy, have fewer cases than the others, the credit is due to the Draghi government's green pass strategy". Thus, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the minister of the PA, Renato Brunetta. "By imposing the green pass on the whole world of work, we have made the greatest economic policy strategy. But the government is following very closely what is happening in Italy and abroad and listens to the cry of pain of many regions. It is not a question of change. strategy, but

to strengthen it so as not to have to close it ", he explains.

The minister, however, does not speak of the obligation to vaccinate. "The decision does not seem like this to me, with a hard core of 10% diehards, the obligation does not solve anything. What are you doing, do you apply the mandatory health treatment? The road is a responsible and shared super green pass, so as not to make people pay all the selfishness of some ".

Drgahi, observes Brunetta, "is cautious and does well, he must represent balance. But he was at the forefront of extending the green pass to the world of work, very determined and not cautious. And he will make the right decision this time too". Then he explains that "if hospital indicators worsen, I think it is appropriate to strengthen the green pass by excluding the unvaccinated from certain social activities".

That is, "restaurants, stadiums, ski slopes, theaters, cinemas, discos. Why charge the whole world of the urban service sector, culture, sport and leisure with restrictions that risk falling back into partial lockdowns? business, refreshments, deficit, crisis, new collapse in consumption ". However, "tampons are still the best compromise. Decisions must be made gradually, on the basis of scientific evidence". As for controls "we are thinking about an overall strengthening of the control system, to avoid evasion or opportunistic behavior". Finally, on the extension of the state of emergency, "I would like it to be possible to return to a situation of normality, attributing all the extraordinary powers to a mission structure in Palazzo Chigi".

"I would clearly

see the obligation of the third dose for those who work in public administration


"In addition to health personnel, I would clearly see the obligation of the third dose for those who work at branches in the public administration" explains Brunetta.

"For now I would leave the world of work with the standard green pass. With some exceptions. For example by extending the third dose to the already required categories, health care and RSA. We should focus a lot on third doses. If we transform the calls into a new, great campaign vaccination, we can also increase the propensity for first doses ", added the minister.