The industries had shut down.

Henrik Strandberg saw the bathing area and hockey rink in Tallåsen grow again.

The electric light track was so rough that the municipality would remove it.

- It is a pity that everything should be centralized in Ljusdal.

But we were sad about it, so now we do it ourselves instead, he says.

The village is alive

Together with Jimmy Håkansson, he started Tallåsen's village team in 2014. Now both the hockey rink, the bathing area and the electric light track have been refurbished.

Activities are arranged in the village and Jimmy Håkansson has started a restaurant and a small shop in the middle of the village.

- We have turned the whole village upside down.

Now we want to get a petrol station here as well, says Henrik Strandberg.

Hear what residents in Tallåsen think about the change in the clip above.