Presidential 2022: in Marseille, Marine Le Pen embarks with the BAC of the North districts

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Marine Le Pen in the back of an unmarked police car, during a visit to the northern districts of Marseille with the anti-crime squad, November 19, 2021. © Nicolas TUCAT / AFP

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The candidate of the National Rally party was in Marseille this Friday, November 19.

If Eric Zemmour overshadows him in the polls, Marine Le Pen seems to be making up for it and widening the gap in presidential voting intentions.

In the Phocaean City, she took part in a police patrol in the northern neighborhoods, popular, to show the muscles in the field of security.


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With our special correspondent in Marseille,

Julien Chavanne

She had loved

Bac Nord


In this film, actor Gilles Lellouche plays a policeman immersed in drug trafficking and settling scores in the

northern districts of Marseille


Five months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen went to see firsthand the reality of these working-class neighborhoods.

She got into the back of an unmarked car belonging to the anti-crime brigade, the BAC. 

Thirty minutes of patrols in three neighborhoods plagued by the deal, for the candidate RN, with " 


 ", she said in reference to the lookouts, " 

with drug traffickers 

" also.


 We really have to wage a war on drugs, 

" pleads Marine Le Pen, referring to a reform of the justice system, and especially many more police officers in the 200 to 300 difficult cities that it identifies.


more police there are in difficult places, and the more criminals are forced to comply, the more delinquents and traffickers are forced to comply with the authority of the police,

 " said Ms. Le Pen.

📹 We must put the package on the 200 to 300 “difficult cities” to regain control, regain power and put an end to the generalized anarchy that reigns there!


- Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) November 19, 2021

The candidate wanted to show that she was not afraid to go to these risk areas.

Without a microphone or a camera, she will not have got out of the police car and will not have passed any inhabitant.

The main thing was to show the muscles.

We never talk enough about security,

 " says a party executive, relieved to see its president come back to basics and cut the rug from under Eric Zemmour's foot.

Facing Zemmour, Le Pen smiles again

A part of the RN campaign is rubbing his hands: for a week, " 

we are taking back colors, the French realize that Eric Zemmour lacks concrete, 

" he said. Marine Le Pen is careful not to boast. But slips all the same: " 

You were a little ironic on this declaration - you should not have - that I had the calm of the old troops, and that by conviction and by experience, I was convinced to be in the second. round of this election. And I tell you also, serenely and quietly, I am convinced that I will win this presidential election.


The candidate's entourage wants to believe that the hardest part is over.

But behind the scenes, the slightest turbulence creates a wind of panic in the first circle.


 I saw spokespersons canceling passages in the media, 

" said a source.

We stopped the fall, yes, but I do not see how we will return to our level before Eric Zemmour 

", relativizes this elected.

Everything will be played out in January.

If Marine Le Pen keeps the advantage over the polemicist, she saves her campaign.

Otherwise, the latter is already preparing the reception of the disappointed RN, and not just the voters.

Its teams are in contact with several former relatives of Marine Le Pen to try to poach them.

Julien chavanne

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