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Austria will make a vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for all its inhabitants from February, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced on Friday.

To put a stop to the rising corona figures, the entire country will be in lockdown for at least 10 days from Monday.

The country already has a lockdown for people who have not been (fully) vaccinated against COVID-19.

Since November 15, they were only allowed to leave their homes for essential activities, such as shopping and working.

Due to the increasing corona figures, the states of Salzburg and Upper Austria decided earlier to introduce a full lockdown, including for vaccinated people, from Monday.

Now the rest of the country follows.

The lockdown measure evolves after 10 days and lasts a maximum of 20 days.

After that, the drastic measure will only apply to people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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