Aeronautics: Airbus triumphs at the Dubai show

The Dubai show was marked by a real triumph for the European manufacturer Airbus.

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It was the first major aviation trade meeting since the start of the Covid pandemic.

The Dubai show ended on Thursday, November 18.

A show marked by a real triumph for the European manufacturer Airbus over its Boeing counterpart.


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The Airbus score speaks for itself: 408 planes ordered in 3 days.

There were more orders during this fair alone than during the whole of 2020. 

How to explain this success ?

By a letter and a number: A321.

Airbus' best-selling aircraft accounts for almost nine out of ten orders.

It is a mid-range model, but a large model capable of making long-haul flights and lowering the cost of the seat on shorter flights.

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Boeing KO

A market in which Boeing has little to offer.

His only aircraft project of this kind was buried in early 2020. 

This lack of supply surely explains the disastrous score of the American manufacturer.

Only 80 orders placed during this show.

And again: 72 of them are concluded by a young Indian company which does not even have an operating license. 

Airbus therefore KO Boeing.

But a shadow hangs over the European manufacturer: the lack of raw materials could well slow down its production. 

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