The “Personal Status” decreed the divorce of the wife with an irrevocable divorce

“Insult” puts the final word between a Gulf couple

A Gulf woman filed a divorce suit for damages against her husband, claiming the delay of the dowry and alimony, and other requests, on the basis of saying that she was abused with insults, slander and insult, and reports were issued about that at the police station, and she gave it up after her husband pledged not to insult her again, but he returned and repeated Insults, without any appreciation of her standing in front of her children, and the Personal Status Court decided to divorce the plaintiff with an irrevocable first shot.

In detail, the plaintiff said before the Personal Status Court, that she had filed a previous lawsuit, in which she requested a divorce for the damage, but the court offered the two parties reconciliation, and the husband welcomed the reconciliation if she moved to live with him, noting that she agreed, and asked for a period of two weeks until the exams of her children from her husband ended The first, then she leaves them at their grandmother’s house, so that she can move to the husband’s house, on the condition that he performs his duty of legal alimony for her and his daughter, in the amount of 2000 dirhams, with a commitment to increase it if his financial conditions improve.

The plaintiff indicated that the court agreed to give her a two-week respite, so that she could arrange for her children from her first husband, in preparation for moving and living with her husband, explaining that in the interest of her married life, she adhered to what she agreed upon, and transferred her children from her first husband to live with her mother, then she moved. To live with her husband and their daughter, but she was surprised that the dwelling is one room in an annex to his mother's house, stressing that it is not worthy of her, which means that the defendant has broken the agreement, in addition to that he left her to live alone, and moved to live with his children from his first wife, and all Once she contacts him he informs her that he brought her in order to humiliate her.The plaintiff stated before the family court panel that, in order to ensure the continuation of marital life, she tried in all friendly ways to provide her with an appropriate home, and treat her with kindness, but he did not move a finger, which led her to file a divorce suit for harm, because the defendant does not respect and does not He appreciates married life, and leaves it constantly, which has caused her psychological damage, especially since she was forced to sacrifice her children in exchange for living with him.

The plaintiff’s lawyer demanded to work in the text of Article 177/1 of the Personal Status Law No. 28/2005, as the plaintiff has the right, after her divorce, to request an amount of 30 thousand dirhams to delay her dowry, as one of the effects of the divorce for the harm, because it replaces the deferred dowry from him by death or Baynunah. The plaintiff may request a housing allowance after her divorce for the waiting period, at a value of 5,000 dirhams per month from the date the divorce judgment becomes final until the end of her legal waiting period.

The lawyer indicated that the plaintiff has the right to request confirmation of her custody of her daughter while she is in her hands, in accordance with the text of Article 1/156 of the Personal Status Law, stressing that it is in the interest of the plaintiff's daughter to stay with her mother, who is more entitled to custody of her children than others.

The court ruled in his presence to divorce the plaintiff with an irrevocable first shot, and oblige the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s dowry of 30 thousand dirhams, and he must also pay the plaintiff an amount of 2,000 dirhams per month as a housing allowance for the waiting period from the date of the final divorce ruling until the end of her legal waiting period, and the court decided to prove custody Plaintiff for her daughter, and increase her alimony.

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