<Anchor> Some even said

that in Europe, where the corona virus is spreading rapidly again, we will have a terrible Christmas if this continues. In order to increase vaccination rates, each country has come up with strong regulatory measures one after another.

Reporter Jung Joon-hyung will tell you.

<Reporter> At

a restaurant in Berlin, Germany, only people with a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 can enter the restaurant.

With the recent surge in new cases, the German parliament has passed a law allowing only vaccinated persons to enter indoor facilities.

This is the first time that the number of new confirmed cases in Germany yesterday (18th) exceeded 65,000, and the daily number of confirmed cases exceeded 60,000.

A German health expert warned that "we are in a serious emergency" and that "we could have a terrifying Christmas".

[Angela Merkel/Germany Chancellor: If more people had been vaccinated, many of the measures that are being implemented now would not have been necessary. It's not too late to get vaccinated now.] The

quarantine measures that were loosened are being strengthened one after another as the corona re-contagion accelerated across Europe, such as the Netherlands and Austria recording record highs.

In particular, there is increasing pressure on those who are not vaccinated.

[Michotakis/Greek Prime Minister: From next Monday, all adults who have not been vaccinated will not be able to enter other indoor facilities, such as restaurants, even if they have a corona-negative certificate.]

[Eduard Heger/Slovak Prime Minister: The situation is serious. Because of this, we will implement blockade measures for those who have not been vaccinated in all regions.]

On the other hand, French President Macron said that the countries that block out those who are not vaccinated are countries that have not implemented the vaccine pass, so restrictions on those who are not vaccinated are necessary. Contrasting was revealed.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)