The book by the Greens chairwoman Annalena Baerbock, which has come under fire for allegations of plagiarism, is no longer being sold.

That was decided by Baerbock himself, announced the Ullstein publishing house on Thursday in Berlin.

Actually, Baerbock had announced that her book “Jetzt.

How we renew our country ”.

In mid-August, a publisher's spokeswoman announced on request that Baerbock was working on adding sources.

"The election campaign and the subsequent exploratory and coalition negotiations have not left the space for the necessary supplementary work," Baerbock now explained in quotations circulated through the publisher.

"It is foreseeable that this will not change in the coming months."

Copies that have already been printed would still be sold, said a publisher's spokeswoman for the German Press Agency when asked.

According to their information, however, the eBook is no longer available with immediate effect.

In the morning it had been said that the book would also be taken off the market, that is, copies already in stores would no longer be allowed to be sold.

Baerbock's book was published on June 21st.

Soon afterwards, the Austrian media scientist Stefan Weber pointed out a number of passages where there are striking linguistic similarities to other works.

Both Baerbock and her party and the publisher initially defended the book.

Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner even spoke of "character assassination" in an initial reaction.

Both the Greens and Ullstein-Verlag rejected the allegation of copyright infringement.

There are no footnotes in the book and no list of references at the end.

The Ullstein-Verlag stated in July that there were sources in the text that would now be added for possible further editions.

In mid-August, Baerbock had said in the ARD summer interview that her next work should be a revision of the criticized book: "The next book is the revision of the hazy book because I made mistakes."

On Thursday, Baerbock was quoted by the publisher as saying: “As made clear in the book, our country needs modernization for a good future.

I would like to do what I can to achieve this in the next few years. "