China News Service, Guangzhou, November 17 (Cai Minjie and Li Yang) November 17, 2021 is the 20th "World COPD Day" with the theme "Healthy Breathing, Unparalleled".

Smoking is a very important cause of COPD, and there are rumors that e-cigarettes can help quit smoking.

Liang Wenhua, director of the Office of the National Center for Respiratory Medicine, said in an interview that e-cigarettes are also cigarettes, which also contain harmful components of tobacco and pose a risk of harm to the body. "So in this sense, we cannot say that e-cigarettes can replace traditional cigarettes." .

  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, full name chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It is a preventable and treatable disease characterized by persistent respiratory symptoms and continuous airflow limitation. Most of the airflow limitation develops progressively, and the airway and lung tissues are harmful to tobacco, smoke and other harmful gases or harmful particles. The increase of chronic inflammation is related.

  Smoking is a very important cause of COPD, so quitting smoking is the most effective and economical way to prevent COPD.

There are rumors that e-cigarettes can help quit smoking, but there is no sufficient evidence on this point.

From the current known research, e-cigarette liquid contains nicotine, and nicotine is not only addictive, but also closely related to the occurrence and development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

So far, due to the diverse types of e-cigarettes and the low certainty of many studies, the role of e-cigarettes as a means of cessation at the population level is still unclear.