The representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party was announced on the 19th, and four people, Izumi, the chairman of the political investigation, Osaka, the former assistant to the Prime Minister, Ogawa, the vice chairman of the Diet measures, and Nishimura, the former vice minister of health, labor and welfare, are scheduled to run.

It is expected that there will be a debate over how to rebuild the party and how the opposition should cooperate with the Communist Party, etc., toward the ballot counting on the 30th of this month.

Candidates for the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative election to decide the successor to former representative Edano will be accepted from 10 am on the 19th, Izumi / Political Investigation Chairman, Osaka / Former Prime Minister's Assistant, Ogawa / Parliamentary Measures Vice Chairman, Nishimura・ Four former Deputy Ministers of Health, Labor and Welfare are planning to run for office.

Mr. Izumi said on the 18th, "Only if the Constitutional Democratic Party is firmly revived, it will be possible to revitalize the lives of the people, correct disparities, and achieve sustainable economic growth."

Mr. Osaka said, "My colleagues are energetically preparing for the candidacy. I myself would like to work on the final finishing work of the policy and prepare for the notification."

Mr. Ogawa said, "As the first opposition party, I would like to make it a grand party that is the recipient of the administration. I will do my best to reaffirm the charm of the party in the election campaign."

Mr. Nishimura said, "I can't do flashy performances or popular policies, but I've been steadily working on the issues in front of me and producing results. I will be a leader who steadily moves things forward." rice field.

In addition to a joint press conference on the afternoon of the 19th, street speeches and debates in Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Yokohama are scheduled during the election period. It is expected that there will be a debate over the ideal way of cooperation between the opposition parties.

In this representative election, in addition to the members of the Diet belonging to the party, local members of the country, party members and supporters are also contested by a mechanism to vote, and at the extraordinary party convention on the 30th of this month, a ballot counting is held and a new representative is announced. Will be elected.