China News Service, November 18th. According to a Reuters report on the 18th, the wife of a suspect who was suspected of assassinating former Haitian President Moise said that her husband had symptoms of new crown infection and was transferred from pretrial detention to the hospital. die.

  According to reports, Marie Leslie Noel said that Gilbert Dragon, 52, died of cardiac arrest.

She also said that she spent two weeks trying to transfer him to the hospital, but failed to be tested for the new coronavirus in time.

"This afternoon, I finally got authorization to take him to the hospital, but he died on the road."

  According to reports, the Haitian Interior Minister did not respond to a request for comment.

Data map: According to news on July 8, the President of Haiti was assassinated and there were scattered shells near his residence.

According to Agence France-Presse, after Moise was assassinated, Haiti entered a state of martial law.

  The Haitian National Police said in an August report that on the night Moiz was assassinated, Dran kept in touch with other suspects and participated in a meeting to plan the assassination.

According to US media, Haitian police have identified a number of weapons, including AR-15 rifles, automatic weapons, pistols and shotguns, found in the homes of Dran and another suspect.

  In response, Noel said that her husband was "unfairly imprisoned" and that he had been sleeping at home on the night of the crime.

After hearing that the police had been looking for him, Dran took the initiative to find investigators.

  On July 7, the then Haitian President Moise was shot and killed in his home.

After the incident, the Haitian police stated that the assassination was planned by a group of Haitians connected with foreign countries.

  So far, Haiti has arrested dozens of suspects, including many Colombian soldiers and Haitian police.

A few days ago, a suspect named Samir was arrested at Istanbul Airport in Turkey. He is said to be “one of the important figures in the investigation of the president’s murder”.