China News Agency, Urumqi, November 17th (Gou Jipeng) Wearing a specially prepared white shirt and black suit, a 50-year-old Xinjiang cotton farmer Matikerimu Turxun, a special press conference to refute "forced labor" in Xinjiang on the 16th On the previous page, I said what the villagers asked him to say: Xinjiang farmers are very easy to grow land, and there is no so-called "forced labor."

Data map: Xinjiang cotton farmers use the new Beidou satellite navigation technology to start planting cotton at full capacity.

Photo by Nian Lei

  He said with a serious face: "Our hard work has become'forced labor' in the mouth of anti-China politicians in the United States. They don't understand our true situation and want to ruin our happy life. We will never agree."

  When talking about the cotton he planted, he said with a smile on his face: "I have been dealing with cotton for more than 30 years. Now we have the technology, ability and confidence to grow cotton well, and our days will get better every day. ."

  Matikerimu Turxun, from Toglak Aigle Village, Aktikandun Township, Qiemo County, Xinjiang, and five representatives of the people from other parts of Xinjiang told the news conference that they have changed their lives through labor , Create happy stories.

  After the press conference, Matikerimu Turson told a reporter from China News Agency that when he learned that he could participate in the press conference, he and his family were excited for several days.

Before leaving, his family bought this new suit in the county seat with him.

"I cherish this opportunity very much to be able to directly introduce the real situation of our cotton farmers to so many media." He said that before departure, many villagers in the village urged him to bring everyone's heart to the press conference.

  "Now we all use machines to grow cotton. Plowing, planting, spraying, and picking cotton are all mechanized. Farmers are too relaxed." Matikerimu Turxun emphasized that these are all the Xinjiang villagers asked him to tell. The real situation of farmers.

  Matikerimu Tulson is not only a big cotton grower, but also the leader and technical consultant of the local cotton planting cooperative. In addition to managing more than 1,000 acres of his own family's land, he also manages more than 2,000 acres of the cooperative's land.

"This year's cotton prices are very good. My net income from more than 1,000 acres of land is more than 500,000 yuan (RMB). Members of the cooperative can also make a lot of money this year." He also said that next year his son will return to his hometown to join him. Plant cotton, continue to expand the planting area, attract more cotton farmers to participate in cooperatives, and get rich together.

  Speaking of his son, Matikerimu Turson looked proud.

"My son is much better than me. After graduating from Tarim University last year, he was recommended by the school to study at the Cotton Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. His studies have ended. He is now more professional in growing cotton than we are."

  Finally, Matikerimu Turson asked the staff to help him take pictures at the press conference. He said: "I want to take it back to show the folks and tell them that I will take all their thoughts with them. Here it is." (End)